Hugh Dillon – Works Well With Others

Warner Music

Wannabe renaissance man Hugh Dillon is taking a break from his time as an unsuspecting TV star to get back in the music studio. It’s been a while since he fronted The Headstones and his latest album makes that time feel even further gone.

Works Well With Others is his most mature effort but unfortunately it’s also his most toothless. Gone is the angry young man of The Headstones and in his place is someone who offers up turns of phrase that are nothing more than slightly bent clichés. This is especially frustrating in the wake of his 2005 album with the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir which made good on all its promises of new-wave-tinted indie rock. Here the synthetic strings don’t mesh with the pop beats and bluesy interludes. Don’t get me wrong Works Well With Others is a competent rock record but most people with Dillon’s rep would take that comment as an insult.