Gemini Awards live blog

I suppose I should have mentioned this during the week but I’m going to be live-blogging from the Geminis this evening. Right now I’m sequestered in the press room (they never let press onto the main floor for this sort of thing) but I do have a man on the inside who will hopefully be sending me updates of anything particularly interesting and us media folk do get to watch a live feed of the broadcast.

Although during the Junos two years ago that live feed went down and we ended up watching the televised broadcast instead. Glamorous.

Keep refreshing this post for all the excitement of the Canadian television industry!

5:48 pm: Soundchecking has begun. More importantly: Red wine has been acquired. Repeating that process may be the key to this night.

6:oo pm: Jeff Kubik describes the atmosphere in the main room as "Like an awkward prom for hefty middle aged dudes."

6:08 pm: Two awards given in the pre-show so far and neither recipent was actually here. This doesn’t bode well.

6:22 pm: Just realized this isn’t actually airing in Calgary for another three hours. Feeling a bit awkward about this whole live-blogging thing now. Where’s the fun if there’s no way for people to follow along at home?

Not that anyone actually would but y’know in theory.

6:32 pm: Looks like the actual televised portion is starting (presumably airing… somewhere?)

More personally relevant news: Catering is bringing us more food. Huzzah!

6:35 pm: Less than two minutes in already with the H1N1 jokes. There is no escape.

6:37 pm: And five minutes in taking shots at the oil industry. Which makes me happy but might not play well with the Calgary crowd. Then again the folks going to the Geminis probably aren’t the most conservative folks.

6:45: Behind the scenes tidbit: an unwanted Gemini was just packed away in a cardboard box and hidden away in what a staff member has called "the saddest moment in Canadian television."

6:50 pm: I have to be careful. Since this isn’t airing for a couple hours in Calgary I am not allowed to say who wins (which makes it harder to figure out what to say in this post). I will do my best not to ruin the surprises that I know you all are eagerly salivating over.

6:56 pm: Strombo is on stage but I don’t get to hear what he’s saying because of a press scrum back here that I’m not able to talk about because then you’d know one of the winners. Unfortunate. He looks sharp as always.

Also word from the inside: James’s shot at entertainment folks not caring about politics was unscripted. Good to know that he’s actually working the crowd.

6:58 pm: The panel of Dragon’s Den have just been described as "mega-celebrities." Is that accurate? Is there such a thing in Canada? This is a genuine question.

7:01 pm: Mark McKinney is introducing highlights from Royal Canadian Air Farce. What are the odds that he’s actually a fan? Kids in the Hall was pretty much the antithesis of tired ol’ Air Farce but I suppose you can’t really deny that show’s impact on Canadian comedy.

7:04 pm: Word from the inside: Rather than subtle music cues when acceptance speeches go over-long the prompter flashes "WRAP IT UP." Nice.

7:10 pm: "There’s nothing better than being recognized by your peers except for maybe a second season. Does anybody want to buy a TV show?" = Canadian TV in a nutshell.

7:12 pm: Rick the Temp in a comedy sketch… what’s he doing these days anyway?

7:16 pm: Unnamed Comedy Ensemble winners seem genuinely excited to have won. That’s one award that’s not getting chucked in a box.

7:19 pm: One thing I have learned about entertainment journalists is that they hate asking questions. It’s like pulling teeth.

7:23 pm: The Pink Power Ranger is on Flashpoint? Is "I had a crush on you in elementary school" an acceptable question from a journalist?

7:29 pm: I never got into the Trailer Park Boys but Bubbles peeing himself on stage seems like the right way for them to accept their (previously announced and not spoiling anything) award.

7:35 pm: Ian Tyson + Canadian Idol isn’t pretty. But bringing in Loverboy? Rad.

7:36 pm: But the feed just cut out for another press scrum. Looks like it was fun?

7:38 pm: Strombo wants to interview Harper. I would love to see that. Always glad to have at least one show that doesn’t do pre-scripted interviews. Canada’s Jimmy Kimmel: That’s a frickin’ insult…

7:41 pm: From Jeff: "They just edited the prompter on the fly and took out a joke about Syrian torture." Um… wow.

7:46 pm: Seeing the Trailer Park Boys out of costume is weird. Bubbles looks like a normal person. It’s like I’m through the looking glass.

7:52 pm: I guess Brent Butt had better things to do than show up. Couldn’t be bitterness over last year’s snub…

7:55 pm: Cop and waitress from Corner Gas are looking really good. Can’t stop staring at sparkly dress. Curse you lizard brain.

8:01 pm: Looks like that’s it. Show is over and promptly. So… I guess it’s off to Dinosaur Jr. Looking forward to destroying my ear drums. G’nite y’all.

8:03 pm: Oh wait… still more media conferences. Looks like I’m here for a few more minutes. Oh Emm Gee guys I am in the same room as the pink Power Ranger. My grade-five self would be swooning and striking martial arts-related poses right about now. Thank God I’m more mature now…

8:06 pm: Also Veronica Mars’ dad the always bad-ass Enrico Colantoni who stated in Dave Foley’s The Wrong Guy that he can kill a man with two tea-bags and some wax paper is here. If he doesn’t flea flee too quickly I will ask him how that would work.

8:15 pm: And the best-guess answer from Mr. Colantoni: Tea-bags over the eyes wax paper to smother him. Seems like a good way to finish this off. Dinosaur Jr. ho!