Burger Hunt – CB Drive Inn

Burger : Master burger ($3.50). Two thin patties with lettuce mayo pickles onions relish and barbecue sauce.

Sides : Fries chili cheese fries onion rings deep fried mushrooms apple pie turnover pizza pops chili zucchini sticks and pre-made donairs.

Atmosphere : A tiny place with no room to eat inside. There are picnic tables outside and of course a drive-thru.

Menu : It’s a fast food joint with all the typical options: burgers hot dogs chili dogs corn dogs chicken fingers etc. There are other choices like fish & chips and something called shrimp dinner. Slushes and over 20 types of milkshakes are also available.

Decision : Keeping things in perspective CB should be compared to the likes of McDonald’s and other fast food drive-thru places. But even in that realm CB does not fare very well. It speaks volumes when onions and relish are the high points of a burger. The patties were thin and tasted like boiled meatloaf. The barbecue sauce helped mask things a bit but not enough for redemption. I must take a brief moment to talk about the poutine. I got it to go and it came overflowing and without a lid. The gravy was so gelatinous that it had the consistency of Jell-O and the fries were barley cooked through. Lastly the service was as bad as I’ve had anywhere capping off a really poor overall experience. Skip CB Drive Inn; there are a bazillion better options.

Next Up : Express Submarine & Café. 125 7 Ave. S.W.

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