Why take only Steve Fonyo’s order?

I could bet that if anyone suggested that the Order of Canada of a certain former Canadian envoy or ambassador (Kenneth Taylor) be revoked since some say he was engaged in doing a “James Bond number” for the Americans during his time as ambassador to Iran there would be howls of outrage from his supporters especially those in the Calgary area. I’m sure his supporters undoubtedly had a ready “Taylor-made” defence about how he found himself dealing with an “unprecedented” hostage situation not to mention an egregious violation of “diplomatic immunity” (that plus he knew some if not all of the Americans being held captive). I’m sure they would also say in his defence that as the more “tumultuous” things got in Iran the more committed he became to safeguarding the well- being rights and interests of Canadian expatriate nationals abroad in Iran. I’m sure they would say that proof of that commitment was in his forming alliances with fellow ambassadors who shared that common interest. Valerie Nemeth Calgary