Lightning round Part 2

Once again Radio Silence keeps it short and snappy

Last month’s rapid-fire Radio Silence was a resounding success and the stream of quality free online releases hasn’t abated one bit so there’s really no reason not to do it again. Ladies and gentlemen the second lightning round.

RxRy — S/T (megaupload.com/?d=YJ4A87PB) and Snw Mltr (mediafire.com/?mpj4mngtyjl)

Having someone — whether yourself your publicist or some bored blogger — spread a rumour that you’ve kept your identity mysterious because you are in fact Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear from Animal Collective clandestinely releasing material is a good way to get noticed on the Internet. That’s exactly what happened to RxRy. Listening to the watery down-tempo electronics on the self-titled full-length and its four-track follow-up Snw Mltr it’s hard to believe whoever is behind RxRy could be Lennox (it’s not) but at least the stunt intentional or not exposed the world to some good mood music.

Coyote Clean Up — Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubble (afternoonsmodeling.tumblr.com/)

After drowning in the thick molasses of RxRy the blissed-out tones of Coyote Clean Up’s debut the unfortunately named Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubble are the perfect form of resuscitation. Sunny synth washes unconcerned shuffling beats and echo-heavy laid-back vocals usher the album from groove to groove. The term “chillwave” might have been annoyingly prevalent in 2009 but damned if it doesn’t do a fine job of describing what Coyote Clean Up is up to here.

Run DMT — Bong Voyage (mediafire.com/?dtjmttx5imj)

The unofficial theme of this month’s column has gone unspoken so far but it’s kind of hard to ignore with a piece of music called Bong Voyage . Yes this collection of snippets collages and otherwise weird noises would sound pretty great under the influence of every dopey high schooler’s favourite medicinal leaf. In fact red-eyed cotton-mouthed hungry and giggly might be the only way this album makes any sense at all. When the artist’s name is Run DMT and the album is called Bong Voyage you know what’s in store before the first hazy blur of sound.

The Gaslamp Killer — It’s a Rocky Road Volume 2 (mediafire.com/?mz0kntfhhrt)

Assuming you haven’t fallen asleep on the couch with a bag of chips on your stomach and a half-empty bottle of Dr. Pepper on the coffee table after marvelling at how you could hear the sounds between the sounds the second installment (released all the way back in 2007 highlighted in 2010 thanks to Jeff Weiss at passionweiss.com ) in The Gaslamp Killer’s It’s A Rocky Road series should keep the mood going nicely. The mix is filled with wonderful oddball soul with undeniable head-bobbing force.

Various Artists — Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Raven Sings the Blues (mediafire.com/?xojljimwnqa)

At this point it’s time for some energy which is provided in spades by the smoldering psych-rock compilation Raven Sings the Blues . Featuring everything from an old Zombies cut to a song from the late Jay Reatard Raven takes an equal-access approach to its subject matter and comes away with 21 irresistible slabs of delightful garage-rock.

XO — One. One. Ten (mediafire.com/?zz1ynmzjodz)

Finally as has been said time and time again it wouldn’t be a Radio Silence without a free hip hop mixtape so here is a good one from up and coming Washington D.C. rapper XO.