Does Calgary live up to its billing of Cowtown? Um I guess today it does.

Driving home for lunch I watched as a bull bolted from it’s makeshift pasture beside the Erlton LRT station across Macloed Trail. One shocked pedestrian wasn’t quite sure what to do smartly placing a streelight pole between himself and the large confused beast. Imagine what was going through his head.

As one Stampede protective services staffer ran across Macloed and the bull made its way for the greener pastures of luxury condos bordering the river police started to arrive.

The bull was last seen stuck while trying to climb onto the terrace of the condo buildings. The worst part I left my camera at the office damn it. Other pedestrians perhaps a little less concerned with safety than pole boy were getting close to snap shots on their cameras. Not sure that’s the best idea.

Cowtown? Yup.