Stop inviting hate-spewing Americans

Why is it our beautiful Canadian province Alberta consistently welcomes right-wing American jackasses like George W. Bush Dick Cheney and recently the narrow-minded hate-spewing political spin master Ann Coulter?

Every time this Fox News mouthpiece opens her venom-filled gob humanity losses a bit more of its soul. She actively promotes hate violence intolerance and ignorance. She preys on the public’s fears intellectual impairments and blind American patriotic support in an effort to undermine the positive evolution tolerance and true moral growth of our wonderful southern neighbors within the seemingly more enlightened global community.

Political protests activism and funky actions should follow Ms. Coulter from the moment she enters Canadian airspace until the moment she leaves during this largely unwelcome "visit." Eggs pies manure stink bombs silly string blaring fart music and much more should be her ever-lasting Canadian memory!

And to those in Alberta quit inviting these U.S. boobs to sewer our Canadian landscape. Leave them to their crock pot of promoting hatred oppression and violence south of the 49th parallel please!

Kudos to those in Ottawa for standing up for human rights and intellectual progression (not suppression)!

Jeff Leggat

Burnaby B.C.