Sled Island 2010 Preview Series : Vol. 1 : The Dutchess & The Duke

Every year at Sled Island there are dozens of bands I "meant to check out" but didn’t because I (a) wasn’t familiar enough with their catalog to care or (b) was watching something else or (c) was too drunk and at Health at the Marquee Room attempting to have a heated yelling match with a local musician over the chaos of possibly the festival’s loudest bands.

Anyways this year is probably no exception but I’m going to try to ferret out some sound clips and trivia about the festival undercard (i.e. bands I haven’t heard or haven’t heard of) and post them here. I’m not sure how few or how many I’ll end up exploring but I can’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do a bunch between now and July. I will try to post a few every week and if you have suggestions for which bands I should check out feel free to post them in the comments.


Vol. 1: The Dutchess & the Duke – Seattle WA

Listen to their excellent Daytrotter Session which came out today!

Quite pleasant folk music. The Daytrotter songs are fairly simple tambourine + acoustic guitar numbers with nice his (the Duke) & hers (Dutchess) vocal harmonies. It’s a bit on the saccharine side for my tastes but it works. If nothing else it seems like they definitely have a lot of fun playing music which usually translates well in the live show for this kind of bit.

I will go see them especially if they are playing outside in the early afternoon when the sun’s still up.

Shows: Wednesday @ the Legion Thursday @ Central United Church