Don’t take a piss on the planet

On my way to work every morning I see a lot of cars running in front of people’s houses sans drivers. It kind of ticks me off. And apparently I’m not the only one.

The ad is the brainchild of Sue Hutch a producer at Joe Media an environmentalist and blogger . According to Joe Media’s website the ad started "as a conversation between Calgary-based producer Sue Hutch JOE Media Group founder and President Matt Gillespie and advertising agency Creative Director Christopher Heatherington. …Sue accepted the challenge issued by Mr. Gillespie to ‘come up with a strong enough anti-idling TV spot concept and he would commit the resources of JOE Media to produce it.’"

But you won’t be seeing the ad on television anytime soon. The spot produced entirely-pro bono has been denied a telecast number (Joe Media’s website doesn’t mention why it was denied) which would allow it to be publicly broadcast.