Hellsongs – Hymns in the Key of 666


Apocalyptica renders Metallica into classical gas and Hayseed Dixie churns bluegrass out of Greasy/DC but apparently we haven’t heard the last of genre-twisting cover bands. Taking some of metal’s most adored ragers Hymns in the Key of 666 relocates them into the world of folk. The likes of Slayer Megadeth Iron Maiden and more are stripped of their banshee-esque shrieks grinding guitars and epic drum fills in order to establish soft moody pieces of musical marvel. Although it sounds like sacrilege when hearing “The Trooper” relayed via a hauntingly slow pace and ghostly female voice not only does the true quality of the song solidify but the overall atmosphere amplifies more than any Marshall stack. Naturally some tunes fare worse (Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” should stay a rockin’ anthem) but when Hellsongs nail it it’s to the fuckin’ wall.