Bleeding Through – s/t

Rise Records

While there aren’t a lot of changes in the Bleeding Through camp for this sixth full-length offering those that have taken place are pretty intense. Not only has the Californian extreme metal outfit surpassed the drama and damage of parting ways with former label Trustkill — a truly combative breakup by any standard — but it’s opened arms to an unusual colleague in former No Use for a Name guitarist Dave Nassie. However while lesser blows would kill weaker bands these events find Bleeding Through far more confident and exploratory than we’ve heard in a while.

From the serene introduction of “A Resurrection” through “Fifteen Minutes” and “Salvation Never Found” the band continues its trend of uniting metalcore and melodic death with blunt chugging riffs ensuring the album feels like the clashing of Pantera’s immovable rhythms 18 Visions’s steely sights and subtle injections of a simplistic hardcore onslaught à la Hatebreed. Still the band refuses to rest on its inherent technicality offering up severe tempo changes and atmospheric keyboard harmonies worthy of black metal’s more ravenous moments. Factor in some Gothenburg death metal sterility and Bleeding Through feels about as jarring and impressively progressive (or is that disgustingly captivating) as watching Converge have relations with Cradle of Filth.