Hannah Georgas – This is Good

Hidden Pony

Hannah Georgas’s debut 2008’s The Beat Stuff EP introduced her as an interesting new member of the Canadian alt-folk scene. It showcased her as a confident singer and lyricist and ultimately earned her a coveted Bucky Award — given out by CBC Radio 3 — as the station’s favourite new artist. In the two years between that EP and her new full-length This is Good Georgas has become even more confident. The album shifts abruptly from the lo-fi electro of "Dancefloor" to the sweetly acoustic "Lovers Breakdown" and Georgas sounds perfectly at home with both. Sandwiched between those two songs is "The Deep End" which starts with doe-eyed introspection then comes to life in the second verse with washes of synthesizer.

She’s not quite a musical chameleon but Georgas does have a keen understanding of how to add atmosphere to her songs to avoid them sounding too much the same. And while This is Good does drag in spots Georgas’s sheer talent shines through some odd pacing and sequencing choices.