Think about us with Celiac Disease

Re: Beer Issue June 3-June 9 2010

I had a bit of a problem reading the beer issue earlier this month. The issue itself was fine the problem came from the fact that this past year I was diagnosed with celiac disease and sadly that means no more beer for me. I have found three gluten-free beers that are available in Calgary: Estrella Daura The Messenger and Green’s. Daura is good and expensive the Messenger is terrible and expensive and Green’s is extremely costly.

I have yet to find gluten-free beer on tap anywhere. I’m looking forward to seeing which of Calgary’s innovative brewers will be the first to put a drinkable and affordable gluten-free beer on the market. (I would like to pre-order 100 cases.)

Who knows maybe next year’s beer issue will feature the new gluten-free beers of Calgary.


Matt Burgener