Sled Island 2010 Preview Series : Vol. X : Link-o-rama Edition

No sadly there is no band playing the festival called Link-o-rama Edition. Instead this is where I pilfer the best of other outlets’ press on Sled Island and comment (briefly hopefully) on the bands in question.

Chain & the Gang (Washington DC)

Interview by Jesse Locke — Texture Magazine

Seems like a highly bloggable meme

If you’re anything like me you know this is one of the bands that you are supposed to see but you’re not sure why. Ian Svenonius is a name that crops up constantly in the annals of indie rock and (I think maybe…) post-punk. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard a note of his music other than the Chain & the Gang stuff I’ve checked out which is OK but seems kind of preachy. My understanding is that in years past he played an important role in the world of punk music in D.C. from the late 80s onward.

Anyways Jesse asks him a bunch of fairly clever and seemingly well-researched questions and his responses flirt with being interesting but end up being a bit of a disappointment. I’m not sure if he was intentionally trying to railroad the interview or if he was just trying really hard to be pithy but he ended up coming off somewhere on the spectrum between absent-minded and self-important. (Is that a spectrum?) Don’t let it get you down on Texture though!

In any case your friends with fixed-gear bicycles will be extremely impressed if you tell them you went to see Chain & the Gang.

Shows: Wednesday @ the Legion (11 pm) Thursday @ the Republik (3 pm) Thursday @ Broken City (1 am)

Grown-Ups (Calgary AB) & Braids (Montral PQ) & Women (Calgary AB)

Festival Preview by Eric Volmers — Calgary Herald

Monteal’s Braids (formerly Calgary’s Neighbourhood Council) is playing at Arrata Opera Centre which is promising to say the least. I haven’t been there before but I mean… it’s an old church and it has the word "opera" right there in the name so the acoustics must be amazing right? They will be playing material from their upcoming Native Speaker and it may be the last chance to see them in a reasonably-intimate venue before they blow up huge.

On a related note Women has an album coming out soon-ish too (September) but the difference (as far as I know) is that it has leaked. I know this because I read about it on the Twitter-pipes not because I am a dirty internet music thief but uhhh… well let’s just say I agree with @kallenlaw on this one. Should be interesting to see if their rabid local fans have learned all the words yet… Either way it should be awesome. They are opening for freeegin’ Deerhoof and the new material sounded knock-out at the Sled Island warm-up party back in monsoon season .

Finally I know almost nothing about Grown-ups other than the fact that it is fronted by Josiah Hughes and that they recently toured the land with Fucked Up. Josiah is a fellow FFWD scribe and all-around stand-up guy and he is also the only person in the world who I know who has received a cease-and-desist letter from Black Flag for making a T-shirt mash-up. Anyways I will be going to see them half because they are awesome people and half because I expect them to play a raaaadical show!

Shows: Grown-Ups on Saturday @ Broken City (1 pm) Braids on Wednesday @ Arrata (11:15 pm) Women on Thursday @ the Republik (10:30 pm)

The Pack A.D. (Vancouver BC)

Festival Preview by Jason Anderson — CBC

OK if you read the piece it’s not really completely about the Pack A.D. but they share primary interview space with Zak Pashak while the author tells a story about what life is like for touring indie bands these days and how festivals like Sled Island factor into that.

Nevertheless I wanted to point it out so I could take yet another opportunity to say the Pack A.D. is a band that I fully intend to see at this year’s festival. I never really cared for their earlier material but I threw on their most recent disc We Kill Computers in the run-up to this year’s Polaris voting and I thought it was really cool. Definitely a good complement to the overall palette of the festival although I am kind of surprised that they didn’t get thrown into any showcases with bands that I feel are natural fits like Cheeseburger or Golden Triangle.

Incidentally there were two big shocks for me on the Polaris Long List of 40 records: (1) the Pack A.D. wasn’t on it and (2) Hawksley Workman!??!

Shows: Wednesday @ the Ship & Anchor (12 am) Thursday @ Broken City (2 pm)

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