Sled Island: Day 2 part 2

It just occurred to me that Pat and I are using totally different approaches for numbering these posts. Day two was yesterday but I was too tired/busy/excusefull to write about it til now so that’s where we are. Just finished a rousing pancake breakfast though so I finally have enough energy to talk about:

Deadhorse Red Cedar and Sleepy Sun ran into a few sound-quality issues at their Telus World of Science set but it didn’t seem to get anyone down — especially not The Dancing Dude From Sasquatch (presumably) who made an admirable but unsuccessful attempt at getting another spontanious dance-party started. The reclining seats and star-filled atmosphere in the planetarium had me a little sleepy after the first two sets but when Sun came out (oh God did I really just write that?) and the singer did a maracca-shaking lap around the place that was no longer an issue. Gorgeous harmonies and a full bottom-heavy sound made for a near-perfect set… which I unfortunately had to duck out of early because…

• I ended up choosing Christine Owman over Women (sorry Women!) and her set at the Arrata Opera Centre was both bizarre and wonderful. The crowd was sitting cross-legged on the floor and was very appreciative while Owman was headbanging her way through offbeat music that you could probably call singer-songwriter but should probably work in some qualifiers like "had a musical saw and a ukelele and surreal backing video and is probably a little bit crazy." If you weren’t there you should buy her record anyway and tell people you saw her because it was really pretty good.

• I briefly stopped by Dicken’s for Ted Leo but he was starting late and I still hadn’t seen Ty Segall so I left before he started. Caught the last song in Turbo Fruits’ set which was a pretty rippin’ version of "Shakin’ All Over" (or something else of that vintage I’m drawing a bit of a blank and don’t have my notepad with me right now). Segall started his set with a Dead Milkmen cover (which had to be pointed out to me by Broken City’s friendly bartender/Sled Island curator Adam Kamis since my knowledge of the Milkmen starts and ends with "Punk Rock Girl" and "The Thing That Only Eats Hippies") followed by two Bowie songs some Sabbath and a bit of AC/DC which was way more fun than it had any right to be mostly because it seemed like the band never knew what the guitarist was going to launch into until about 8 bars in. But the originals were actually better and I have no regrets about saving Leo til today.

• Next up was Mariachi El Bronx which I’ll admit to approaching as a bit of a novelty since I’ve never really gotten into The Bronx proper. I’ll say this — there might be a bit of a wink in the performance but there’s also a whole lot of sincerity which makes things a lot more fun.

• Last up was a quick peek at Deerhoof’s last few songs — including one brand new one a mid-tempo shuffler that seems pretty promising. Not quite as good as the Central United set (which was just kind of magic) but it was nice to see the crowd getting super into it.

Tonight’s tentative plan:

Fucked Up Why? Ted Leo Thermals @ Olympic Plaza

DM Stith Inlets Odawas @ Arrata

James Husband @ Marquee

Turbo Fruits Les Savy Fav @ Distillery