A few ways to shake off that Sled Island hangover

The last few months have been a wild ride for Calgary’s music scene. Somewhat warmer weather resulted in more shows and more sweaty bodies packed into them. The city was fortunate enough to have not one but two dedicated all-ages spaces Local Library and Comrad Sound open their doors. And of course Sled Island tore through town for the fourth time thrusting a staggering array of local talent into the spotlight. But now that the city has forced Comrad to close a mere three months after opening and Sled Island already seems like a distant feverish dream I guess it’s back to the familiar slow crawl of activity in the music community right? Guess again.

Taking cues from the host of stacked showcases featured at Sled July is riddled with mini festivals and all-day events around town packed to the brim with Calgary-based content and other treats as well. And while Comrad has shut its doors permanently (at least to live music) the experience has inspired those involved to seek out creative solutions – like having bands in your own living room.

Though it’s unconventional for a newspaper to bring up a show being held at a private residence an exception should be made for a bill at a northwest Calgary house this Friday July 9 for two reasons: one glitch-pop wizards Azeda Booth recently reformed as a two-piece with a set of new songs is the main attraction; and two a mysterious new band called Cub.

No we’re not talking about the all-girl proto-twee Mint Records act. Cub v. 2.0 a supposed two-piece reveals very little about themselves on their MySpace page. They claim to be from the Falklands (though their top friends are all Calgarians) and they make sparse and haunting pop songs that bring to mind Galaxie 500 Beach House and Leonard Cohen. Their first track “Bell” is particularly beautiful and has Dane’s curiosity set to burn. Search “House Show! w/ Azeda Booth” on Facebook for the public event listing including the exact address and the full lineup.

Also on Friday July 9 Toboggan Peninsula the three-day Sled Island after-after party concludes this week with a good old-fashioned all-ages punk show at Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre. Blazing rock-’n’-roll quartet Sharp Ends which tore up the stage opening for L.A. noise-pop duo No Age and Wu-tang member GZA last weekend headline along with Grown Ups pop-punk/hardcore enfants sauvages Sabretooth and the twisting post-hardcore of Deformer . It’s one of the first shows to happen at the Hillhurst centre in quite a while so be respectful of the space. Still don’t forget to crowd surf!

As we’re all well aware the Calgary Stampede blows into town this month and there’s no better way to celebrate it (without actually having to enter the grounds) than the fifth annual Rock and Roll Rodeo hosted by the Palomino Smokehouse on Saturday July 17. The lineup boasts over a dozen bands all as down-home and hearty as the bar’s legendary pulled pork. The lineup boasts The Culls The Ruminants Cowpuncher Brooke Wylie and the Coyotes The Brenda Vaqueros Stinger The Cripple Creek Fairies and plenty more.

Finally don’t forget the next best summer fest the Calgary folk fest will once again take over Prince’s Island Park July 22 to 25 with its own healthy dose of hometown heroes in tow. Flemish Eye neo-folkers Ghostkeeper will be there along with the rhythmic alt-pop excellence of Axis of Conversation heartfelt Dudes off-shoot Dojo Workhorse Honeybear Chris Gheran Samantha Savage-Smith and more.