Ozzy Osbourne – Scream


For his 10th studio effort self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne is switching things up. Parting ways with longtime collaborator amd lead guitarist Zakk Wylde — a separation he assures is entirely amicable—he’s since brought in new blood with ex-Firewind string-slinger Gus G. This apparently maintains Ozz’s legacy of pyrotechnic axe men while offering something fresh after 20 years of the same old same old. Still despite the inclusion of G. bassist Blasko (Danzig) and drummer Tommy Clufetos (Alice Cooper) Scream still falls prey to the same worn conventions Osbourne is desperately struggling to elude.

From opener “Let It Die” through lead single “Let Me Hear You Scream” to closing ballad “I Love You All” the album is mired in the very mid-tempo de-tuned sludge that’s overtaken his musical idiom since the smash success of No More Tears . Essentially Osbourne has been living off legacy rather than relevance for roughly15 years. While Scream will surely garner initial praise — every Osbourne album does at least amongst diehards — it too will reveal itself to be little more than two or three decent tunes holding up a string of passable (or perhaps forgettable) fodder. Then we’ll go back to Blizzard Of Ozz.