Kyle returns to the fflog brings free videogames

Why hello FFWD readers. My you’re looking lovely today… Okay. Alright. I know that isn’t going to work. You’re much to smart to be won over by petty flattery. I should have known better. It was disrespectful to even try. You know and I know that I got some splainin’ to do.

As I’m sure all six of you noticed I’ve been AWOL for about a month and I left without so much as a how-d’ya-do. I’ve been wandering around Italy for the past four weeks looking at paintings wandering through cathedrals and eating excellent food all while you’ve been sitting there staring into the warm glow of your monitor pawing feebly at a new animated Mel Gibson gif and wondering why Kyle? Why did you abandon us?

Well Ive returned and to show you my contrition I’ve brought you news of a new videogame–a totally free new videogame–and you don’t even have to thank me for it. Sure you might have already heard of it. Sure many sites were reporting on its pending release as early as last week. But we all know you’ve been burned by them before FFWD readers. We all know why you keep coming back to me even when I abandon you for months on end or accidentally kill your cat when I come home all a-hopped up on goofballs. Now that I’m telling you about Alien Swarm you know it’s okay to try. Paradoxically my endorsement makes you feel safe. Now come on over here and gimme’ a wet one.

You have to download steam to install the game but even for you holdouts it’s totally worth it. It’s a top-down multiplayer shooter that tasks you and four friends with chewing your way through hordes of aliens on your way to a goal at the far end of the map. So far so simple. But throw in some light class-based gameplay a persistent experience points system and upgradeable weaponry and you have a game most developers would charge at least $20 for. If I’m your emotionally abusive blogging father then Valve is your benevolent game publisher uncle.