Unf–ck the Gulf? Or just f-ck it?

Here’s a snappy foul-mouthed campaign to help save the Gulf of Mexico and vent some frustration over the BP spill. Well-produced video sleek website nice shirts.

Watch the video and see what you think. I don’t think I could summarize my opinion on it any better than one commenter on youtube (after the video below).

Here’s what robertferry111 had to say:

Fuck that.

$5 out of fucking $13?!?

How about fucking $13 out of $13? you fucking greedy profiteering-off-of-disaster fucking asshole fuckers?

There are plenty of fucking places to donate directly.

Fuck the t-shirt which you’ll never fucking wear and will waste cotton and ink and resources probably fucking stitched in a fucking sweat shop.


Amen brotha. Amen.