Igloos and cybernetics

New Canadian igloo

We’ve all heard the jokes about all Canadians living in igloos. But maybe we all would if they had the stereophonic output of Montreal-based artist Alexis O’Hara’s Squeeeeque! AKA the Improbable Igloo .

One hundred amplified inward-facing speakers will form the brown domed habitation in the middle of Prince’s Island for the folk fest. Once inside the speakers can be brought to life with microphones encouraging spontaneous collaborative sound making.

Watch for it amongst the folking throngs on Prince’s Island from July 22 to 25.

Cybernetics and art

Peter Redecopp a former Calgarian who’s now studying in Montreal will be on the Soap Box at Truck to discuss the roots of cybernetic theory and current conceptions of contemporary artists. Feedback loops cybernetics art and ideology will be discussed.

This is the man behind the Discord noise music nights in Calgary who has a bewildering interest in the relationship between visuals and sound (try interviewing him and see if you understand it) so this should be an interesting talk.

Redecopp will be at Truck Contemporary Art in Calgary on Thursday July 22 at 7 p.m.