Re: Is Barb Higgins’s ego running amok? Iain Godsman Letters Fast Forward Weekly August 5 to 11 2010.

The great thing about living in a democracy is that we all have the right to seek political office and with regard to Iain’s views the right to say what one thinks even if it is written to try to strengthen the chances of his candidate of choice by knocking down another candidate.

I must say that I will be quite upset should Higgins win and then proceed to destroy the city in a like-fashion as former premier Ralph Klein has with the province and former president Ronald Reagan with the U.S. two people Godsman cited as being “good examples of celebrities who went into politics and proved their worth.”

Klein gutted the infrastructure of this province and pandered to the corporate interests over the province’s needs while Reagan laid the groundwork for the current fiasco in the Middle East with all the subterfuge and dirty trickery and the further destruction of the governments in Central America all while playing up his “aw shucks” brand of good time Americanism.

Godsman can talk of the experience of the batch of contenders for the mayoralty all he wants but the reality is that just because a person has experience somewhere it doesn’t follow that they are better placed for a position they seek. It’s like presuming that seniority with a job makes that person a better qualified candidate for any promotion and I think we can all cite examples where that is very obviously not the case.

In the end though it all comes down to the fact that Barb Higgins has both the right to run and the motivation to commit herself to being the mayor and doing the best she can as but one member of city council. Instead of knocking her down to bolster the chances of his own candidate Godsman would do well to remember that we live in the same country one where virtually everyone has the right to run as a candidate without fear of being branded as he has been so quick to do regarding Higgins. In fact I tend to get pissed off when I read such bile being directed at someone because it threatens their own candidate choice.

I for one wish her well and if she can convince me that she is the best one for the post then I will proudly vote for her.