Re: Is Barb Higgins’s ego running amok? Iain Godsman Letters Fast Forward Weekly August 5 to 11 2010.

You recently ran a letter that opposed Barb Higgins for mayor mostly because she is a celebrity and not a career politician. The letter stated “Other than [Klein] I can’t think of any celebrity who has made a decent politician other than Reagan.”

Why is Fast Forward Weekly wasting space on someone who admits they can’t think and provides proof with counter-examples to their own argument? Of course it depends the definition of decent politician but I can think of former premiers: William Aberhart Joey Smallwood and Rene Levesque; as well as governors: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura; mayors: Clint Eastwood Sonny Bono and Jerry Springer; senators: John Glenn Fred Thompson Bill Bradley and Al Franken; and MPs: Garth Turner Ken Dryden Marc Garneau Red Kelly and Tina Keeper.

Voters have the right and the duty to decide for themselves based on whatever they want. Not all Higgins’ supporters are celebrity-loving sycophants who vote with their hearts instead of their heads. I for one am tempted to vote for her just to cancel out the letter writer’s vote and piss him off some more as it is my right to do but I might also do something else he does not seem to support — think.