Higgins touches men literally

Re: Barb Higgins’s ego running amok? Iain Godsman Letters Fast Forward Weekly August 5 to 11 2010.

I can’t agree more with Iain Godsman and his letter on Barb Higgins running for the post of mayor.

What bothers me is what I see in pictures with Barb Higgins and influential men. She’s too close to them for comfort her hands on their bodies like the picture with former premier Ralph Klein — her hand placed on his breast. If I were his wife I would be fuming. Should the roles be reversed it would be considered sexual touching at least. If sexual powers are the means of her future influence as mayor it is that much more unfair to the male counterparts an embarrassment and insult to smart women and a step back in history when it comes to equality of men and women in a work environment.