Autechre – Move of Ten


British glitch ’n bleep duo Autechre has never released two albums in a single year before now which makes Move of Ten ’s appearance mere months after its double LP Oversteps a bit of a surprise. Happily this is no rushed-out cash-grab collection of lesser material; it’s simply Rob Brown and Sean Booth in a period of fertile creativity.

Though few moments could be confused as anything other than the machine-like minimalism Autechre has been exploring since the late ’80s Move of Ten does span impressively varied territory over 47 minutes. The sharp hip-hop skitters of opener “Etchogon-S” don’t sound chopped and screwed as much as simply chopped while three songs later “Rew(1)” is bouncing along with an almost funky strut. “Iris Was a Pupil” maintains Oversteps ’ spooked ambiance with a tone reminiscent of a 1980s horror score and “M62” adds a head-nodding throb to the same smeared synths. Call it a beat-driven little brother to Oversteps ’ dense spacey atmospherics.