Mosh comes to town to show off her latex lace and heels

Are you vanilla? Maybe a little Neapolitan? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Well it probably doesn’t matter in this case. People of all colours and interests (except maybe those who are uptight fundamentalist bastards while they’re in public) can likely agree on one thing: Mosh is pretty nice to look at.

Inhabiting a world of high high heels tight tight latex and fetishes of all twists and turns Mosh has become a favourite face (and other bits) of the fetish-model circuit in a short time. Now she’s bringing her tiny frame to Calgary for Crimson Events’ latest evening of kink called Hollywood.

Stumbling across some fetish shots when she was 13 Mosh now 21 was awestruck. The Internet allowed her access to the images and within a few years it was a great support in launching her career as well.

“The Internet basically allowed me to have my own visual playground and allowed me to create what I feel in my opinion is art” says Mosh. “Without the Internet without Google I don’t know where I would be.”

Dressed in latex lingerie six-inch heels corsets and more (or less) in pictures that range from old-school pin-ups to one where she’s encased in a glass-like box that would make claustrophobics wimper Mosh stretches boundaries and morphs looks.

“I don’t really believe in models dressing up as fetish models I don’t think it works as well” she says.

“Personally when I look at an image I can usually tell if that girl is an actual fetishist or if she’s playing dress-up. Playing dress-up is what the mainstream does. There are a lot of people who do it.”

For Mosh the fetish is real it’s what she enjoys and she’s captivated by the imagery and the work because of the emotion portrayed. To display some of that emotion in her work it sometimes takes some serious twisting and turning of her body. But she has experience with that. She was a cheerleader and gymnast after all.

“That really taught me how to channel emotions channel positions with my body basically express my body. Use my body to express my emotions” she says.

“I don’t think it’s that far of a step. I mean gymnastics you either have to really love the sport or be a true masochist because that sport will do a number on your body. Cheerleading is the same way. I feel like I got more beat up as a cheerleader than I would as a football player.”

It’s only recently that Mosh started performing in public. Until now she has only been putting on shows for private parties. For the Hollywood event she wanted to perform her fire show but apparently the club isn’t so keen on pyrotechnics so she’ll be performing a burlesque routine in ballet heels. If that sounds tame you haven’t seen ballet heels — 15- to18-centimetres tall with toes that point straight down.

So how does this up-and-coming fetish model gloat about her fast-rising career? With humility.

“I’m in disbelief. If you told me four years ago that in four years from now you’re going to live in L.A. you’re going to work full-time as a model you’re going to be freelance and you’re going to be doing the images that you want to shoot I would think that person was crazy” says Mosh. “I wouldn’t think that would be possible.”

“I still admire the fetish models that inspired me when I was 13 so in my mind I’m not at the same level as them. If someone compares me to them or puts me on the same level as them that’s awesome it’s beyond flattering but honestly my brain can’t compute that.”