Rage Blog-Outliers: Brazilian Money

Edmonton’s Brazilian Money is after our hearts. Boasting members of The Mitts and The Wicked Awesomes this sounds like the kind of stuff that’s made by super-skinny greater-Rochester-area vegans who amongst other things throw the best kitchen shows ever pull off the cords-Saucony Jazz uniform perfectly manage to have way better record collections than your city should dictate and own closets full of rare Celtic Frost T-shirts.

Tastefully skronky with giant choruses and heaps of of garage-swagger we’d liken this to noisy late-90s Western New York fare Meneguar or perhaps the laziest record reviewer comparison early Modest Mouse. But we’re not going to because that’s way off-base. It’s stellar shit. And it stands on its own.

Download the band’s debut 7-inch here . Released via Totally Disconnected a label co-founded by Weird Canada ’s Aaron Levin it’s limited to 300 copies. Get on it.


Doing What I Want

Gold Chains


Macaroni Makeout Party