Five Alarm Funk – Anything is Possible


Eleven-piece rhythm machine Five Alarm Funk brings the noise with its incendiary third release Anything is Possible . And if the cover art featuring a silverback gorilla battling a great white shark isn’t enough to convince you of the band’s tongue-in-cheek approach to doing business then the opening cut “Infernal Monologue” will surely sell you on the Vancouver-based ensemble’s Evaporators-esque sense of humour.

James Brown has his Cake and eats it too on “Zenith Escalator” as the band manoeuvres through straight-up funk numbers with plenty of words to the wise. Surf boogies such as “Titan” and “Demons Be Gone” are resplendent with corpulent brass; it’s a vibe reminiscent of Ween’s La Cucaracha . It dashes wildly between pompous fez-sporting intrigue on “Brother Egypt” and Afro-Cuban pedal overdrive on “UK-47” while elsewhere masterful guitar grooves nudge the horns to the side on “Broadway.”

But those horns come back roaring with renewed fervour with the band’s plucky mischief giving way to simmering Santana tangents; and on Anything is Possible these rise like heat waves off the hood of at ’58 Thunderbird convertible.