NOFX – The Longest EP

Fat Wreck Chords

Let’s get this out of the way now: This album’s title is deceptive — this is a collection of 30 songs. Sure it’s long but it’s not an EP.

What NOFX’s The Longest EP really is is a compilation album that also contains rarities and unreleased songs (a concept that really died out when P2P sharing came into the picture) spanning the two-decade gap from 1987 to 2009. It’s largely stitched together from the band’s long list of EPs which rare as they may be are readily available with an Internet connection and a little bit of searching.

If you’ve heard NOFX’s brand of SoCal skate-punk you’ve heard this all before. Really most of this material has been previously released. Band favourites “Kill All the White Man” and “The Longest Line” make appearances as does Fat Mike’s alter-ego Cokie the Clown. We’ve heard it. It’s good. But it’s nothing new. The two unreleased tracks — the Fuck the Kids -era outtakes “Perverted” and “I Wanna be an Alcoholic” — could’ve easily stayed that way; nobody would have missed them. There’s nothing special here and the songs together total one-and-a-half minutes.

Ultimately there’s no reason for the existence of The Longest EP and if you own any NOFX albums there’s no need to purchase this. If you’re looking for a starting point — or a greatest hits album — get to know the The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) instead.