Mayoralty candidates dropping like flies

With nomination day roughly 72 hours away it was inevitable that several candidates vying to be Calgary’s 36th mayor would start dropping out almost as fast as they were once jumping in — the latest casualty being the first entrant to the race Paul Hughes.

"I feel that the issues that I’ve been addressing have been well-served and front and centre in the campaign" says Hughes a vocal supporter of local food open data and changing the culture at city hall.

"I’m happy those conversations are happening."

After talking to several other candidates Hughes concluded he didn’t have enough support to make it a viable run and decided to endorse another candidate: Barb Higgins.

He believes Higgins has the ability to "create some sweeping policy changes" in the city. "I feel strongly that she can make this happen" he says.

"Sweeping" policy changes? Frankly we’d like to see any policies coming out of the Higgins camp. And we don’t mean the vague seven-point framework that keeps getting re-hashed. Seriously. Throw us a friggin’ bone.

Hughes’s decision mirrors that of Alnoor Kassam who also dropped out and threw his support behind the former TV news anchor earlier today. Yesterday relative unknown candidate Greg Berdette threw in the towel as well. So now the race is down to 15.