CIFF Capsule Review – Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue takes revenge to new depths in this dark and disturbing portrait of one man’s depraved attempts to even a score. Up-and-coming British director Simon Rumley helmed this Austin-based thriller — which won the award for best film at the 2010 Boston Underground Film Festival — and it’s not for the squeamish.

When rock musician Franki (Marc Senter) finds out he has been infected with HIV from local sex addict Erica (Amanda Fuller) he and his bandmates seek out the woman who gave him the disease. Franki’s emotional stress comes to a head with the realization that he in fact has likely infected the person closest to him. With his whole world shattering Franki snaps and does something he will live to regret. But for how long?

Taking cues from Funny Games and I Spit on Your Grave Red White and Blue develops a high-stress atmosphere through a slow yet methodic pace eerie soundtrack and a cast of highly competent actors helmed by veteran Noah Taylor ( Almost Famous ) as the film’s sadistic revenge-taker. Brutal and graphic it’ll cause plenty of viewers to clench their teeth and squirm in discomfort as its plays out. A film offering little to no closure the audience ponders the boundaries of morality and conscience with a few stomachs likely a-churning along the way.