Santana – Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time


If you’re looking for nostalgia then you’ve found it in Guitar Heaven but this isn’t for you if you’re a Santana fan (as I am) looking for something showcasing the talents of this famed guitarist.

Granted Guitar Heaven is a comprehensive tribute to many of the guitar "rock anthems" of decades past but there’s little in this CD to remind you that you’re listening to Carlos Santana himself. Sure it’s an interesting project pairing the man with a who’s who of vocalists (Rob Thomas Chris Cornell Joe Cocker) but it’s got all the earmarks of a greatest hits album — something brainstormed by a record label to revive oldies such as “Whole Lotta Love” “Smoke on the Water” and “Bang A Gong.”

High-profile guest artists — like violinist Yo Yo Ma and blues guitarist Jonny Lang — are brought in too but in staying true to each song’s original arrangements Guitar Heaven doesn’t reflect the skills or creativity that’s expected of Santana.