David Lynch Goes to the Nightclub

That hair… That voice… That new hit single on the techno charts…

It’s always iffy when an actor or actress decides to dip into a music career. But what about directors? Google doesn’t pull up any hits. Woody Allen sings in his own charming little musical but that doesn’t really count. Which brings us to David Lynch. This..This is an entirely new beast:

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

Even the title "Good Day Today" sounds like a naive practical joke. But aside from a few gunshots and broken windows it’s a genuinely catchy upbeat little number.

Compare this to his first proper ‘song’ used in his most recent film INLAND EMPIRE . It uses the same technique of high-pitched distorted vocals and a repetitive rhythm and yet the two songs couldn’t be further apart. "Ghost of Love" is the Lynch you know and love with its murky and dour form of distorted blues:

Then again it’s hard to be surprised by anything from Lynch by now. He directs he writes he paints he’s a god of B&W photography and he’s an internet geek. Why can’t he sing electric bubblegum pop? His interviews and writings reveal him to be a genuinely nice optimistic and life-affirming guy. Unless of course you bring up the iPhone .

Thanks to Robyn for pointing me to the original article .