Dustin Wong – Infinite Love

Thrill Jockey

As the guitarist of Ponytail Dustin Wong lays down glistening sonic tapestries for his bandmates and gibberish-spouting vocalist Molly Siegel to slam dance on top of. Fittingly his instrumental solo recordings strip away all of these accoutrements shining a spotlight on six-string wizardry like a diamond plucked from the rough. Now that the Baltimore quartet is on indefinite hiatus Wong has kept busy in 2010 with both April’s Let It Go and now this immense double album/DVD set. Infinite Love provides a perfect title for the 78-minute psychedelic bliss-fest separated into “Sister” and “Brother” versions. Both album-length compositions begin with an identical 15-minute intro before spiralling out into a twinkling constellation of layered loops scorching riffs and merry-go-round melodies finally returning to the same beat-driven conclusion and mice-creeping-in-the-walls coda. If that description sounds airy-fairy it’s because the music matches it. Hop on for a serious head-trip.