Chad VanGaalen added to Indie Rock X-Mas

Props to jane_doughnut for her comment in this week’s Goingson column noting that Chad VanGaalen has been added to this Sunday’s Indie Rock X-Mas bill presented by the Calgary Folk Festival.

So recap that’s Chad VanGaalen joining a bill that already has Clinton St John Bob Keelaghan Dan Vacon Lorrie Matheson Woodpigeon Savk Jay Crocker The Doer and the Doddler Aaron Booth Samantha Savage-Smith and Reuben Bullock. And something they’re describing as "the world’s smallest record fair." And mulled wine which may or may not be the best part of it all.

The details:

Arrata Opera Centre 1315 7 St SW

Sunday December 12

$25 for adults $5 for kids 12 and under.