Chron Goblin – Chron Goblin EP


We’ll give it to Chron Goblin for calling a spade a spade. Refreshingly devoid of its genre’s clichéd ancient-beast-worshipping motifs (cough Mastodon cough Tusk) this cotton-mouthed Calgary quartet’s blunt moniker and Zeppelin-copping font choices make its mission statement clear from the get-go: Dude this is stoner rock.

But unlike the modern purveyors of the genre — who tend to favour heft over dexterity — Chron Goblin isn’t a group of sleeveless-T-toting reformed straight-edgers and it shows. Instead these five songs are akin to a mid-tempo Annihilation Time sans My War worship: These fellas know the power and efficacy of the blues scale and accordingly they’re not afraid to linger on an especially effective groove. “Walk With Me” with its near “Beat It”-referencing riff is particularly menacing; “Change Your Hair” works to similar effect alternating between chugging thrash and numbing rhythmic vamping. Vocalist Josh Sandulak — perhaps the illegitimate lovechild of Monotonix’s Ami Shalev and Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier — ties the package together but at its core Chron Goblin built around riffage. And lots of it.

While this EP doesn’t meander towards the experimental corners of stoner rock — hey not everyone can be Khanate — thankfully it needn’t. As far as classic stoner fare goes this hits all the pleasure points and like ketchup toast or the heavenly pairing of peanut butter and ice cream sometimes that just makes sense.