Why are specialty beers overtaxed?

Re: It’s about protecting young drinkers: AGLC by Trevor Scott Howell Dec. 23-29 2010 Fast Forward Weekly.

The AGLC is trying to protect young drinkers? Wha-huh?

If your options are wine at 14 per cent alcohol at a cost of $10 or less per bottle and beer at 12 per cent alcohol and $20 a bottle what kind of kid isn’t going to either buy the wine or just go for a bottle of Malibu Rum at 40 per cent alcohol and under $20?

By overtaxing high-alcohol specialty beer the board isn’t protecting anyone; it’s gouging people who simply want to drink specialty beers. And the purpose of drinking them isn’t necessarily to get drunk since you can’t pound them back like a six-pack of Bud Lite with lime.

For the Alberta government to waste time and money on this issue is completely incomprehensible!