Pizza Pursuit – Spiros Pizza on 17th

Order: Beba’s Lamb Pizza ($28.95). A 12-inch Greek-style pizza with chunks of roast lamb artichokes and fresh garlic completely covered with feta and mozzarella cheese.

Crust: Spiros uses a thick and solid yet airy base. It wasn’t as greasy as some Greek-style crusts can be so that gets bonus points as far as I’m concerned.

Sauce: This pizza has been cast with a basic sweet and spicy red sauce that I think is much like Christian Bale in The Fighter. In the end I’m glad it’s there and though I’d like to tell you that the pizza could succeed without it I’d be wrong. While it wasn’t a perfect match for the overall result you still end up with a winner when all is said and done.

Toppings: The shredded lamb was rich and tasty the artichokes were super tender and there was enough fresh garlic to fend off a mass of vampires. The feta-and-mozza blend was used in good proportion with the feta adding saltiness and the mozzarella oozing the perfect amount of savoury goodness.

Dining options: Eat in take out or delivery.

Decision: I don’t know who “Beba” is but I think I want to write whoever it is a thank you letter. I can see myself craving this pizza in the future warranting a repeat visit. Or two. In all fairness this isn’t a pizza for the masses but if the descriptor appeals to you at all then add this to your must-try list. This pie gets five out of six slices.

Next Up: Flying Wedge Pizza Co.

163 Quarry Park Boulevard Southeast


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