Pizza Pursuit – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Order: Mr. Universe ($20.95). A 12-inch square pizza topped with pepperoni salami mushrooms beef bacon onions green peppers tomatoes cheese and pizza sauce.

Crust: The crust basically boxes in the rest of the ingredients. With its browned exterior mine was literally seconds away from being burnt. The interior of the pizza was puffy and doughy.

Sauce: I found the sauce to be thick sweet and bright red. They were a little bit heavy-handed with the addition of the “Italian spices” but not to the point of ruination.

Toppings: The veggies were diced fairly fine and I fear that a pizza with a shorter ingredient list may end up being too dough-centric. The meats were hit and miss. I liked the pepperoni and salami but the bacon left no impression at all and I was neutral on the beef. There was a ton of cheese ensuring that each piece offered a heavy greasy slab of caloric insanity.

Dining options: Pick-up or delivery.

Decision: First off let’s be clear about one thing: This is not authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. What the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza restaurants in Calgary are serving is Chicago-style pan pizza. If anyone in Calgary is actually doing bona fide Chi-town deep dish pies please let me know post haste because I would love to try it. Chicago Deep Dish serves substantial pizza. This beast — a medium by their scale — measured over four cm high and thanks to its square shape a 12-inch pizza offers 31 more square inches than its circular counterpart. Also because of the square design and the size of the pieces they cut you end up with four magical chunks in the middle with no outside crust at all. These are my personal favourites and I am more than ready to wrestle you for them. This pizza gets three out of six slices.

Next Up: Avatara Pizza.

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