We took to the streets to see what Calgary’s wearing

Corey Brereton

Age: 25

Occupation: Comics artist

Fashion choices: I’m wearing a custom-made jacket based on a character from my comics I create. I like to wear things that are gamey and nerdy-related because I like that kind of stuff.

Motivation: I like to just throw stuff together and it’s all kind of nerd fashion. My trend is to make my own style. If you’re wearing Diesel it just says “Hey I’m wearing Diesel.” But I like to dress to my personality and make it my own. I have different colours and just throw things on depending on the day.

Colin Menzies

Age: 33

Occupation: Creative director

Fashion choices: I like to wear things that remind me of experiences and places I’ve travelled to because it’s a collection of my life. These shoes are from a Calgary gallery and I changed the laces up. This hat is from Disneyland. I think it’s cool that you have to go there to get this hat.

Motivation: I dress for the occasion so it depends where I am going and what I am doing. As for trends I like to look at what Europe is doing for inspiration but I like to make my own style. When you’re getting dressed I look at it as playing a character of who you want to be that day and dress for the role.

Andrew Hamill

Age: 25

Occupation: Electrical engineer/musician

Fashion choices : This pea coat is from H&M the scarf is from Banana Republic the jeans are from Bluenotes and these shoes are from Paris France.

Motivation: I buy things more for the fit than the brand. I’m a skinny guy so I like things that fight tight. I like to wear what looks good on me as opposed to following trends.

Jade Stevens

Age : 26

Occupation: Designer

Fashion choices: I got these boots from a friend about 10 years ago. My jeans are from Underground and I got the scarf from a thrift store in Vancouver. This jacket is from a store called Divine Decadence on 17th Avenue S.W.

Motivation: I basically wear what I call my “uniform” of black jeans and boots. What I’m wearing now is what I usually wear. If it’s black and it fits I like it. If I can wear it to work then it’s a bonus.

Danielle Lavigne

Age: 23

Occupation: Light designer

Fashion choices: A local designer Katie Green and Light & Soul makes this shirt and I buy a lot of their stuff. The tights are from American Apparel and the shoes are from Stoneridge. And I am super stoked about this jacket; I got it from Le Chateau and normally it would have been about $200 but I got it for $90.

Motivation: I love to support local but I also like to buy brands I like such as Michael Kors. But I often just walk around and if I see something I like I’ll buy it. I don’t really follow trends; I just like to wear what I like. My favourite shirt I own says “The only coke I do is diet.” I love it.

Amanda Le Klassen

Age: 25

Occupation: Hairstylist/musician

Fashion choices: I got this shirt at the Market Collective and the pants are from a rock shop in Montreal. I also got the shoes somewhere in Vancouver. I guess I’ve got a little bit of every city on!

Motivation: I like to buy local and mix and match things up. Like one day I wore leopard print with something flowery — so I probably looked mismatched! I don’t really follow trends; I just wear what I like to wear. I’m too lazy to keep up with the trends.