The weekly high-five

Sled Island expands its lineup

Our very own Sled Island festival is always a reason to have Calgary pride and this year should be no different. The lineup has slowly been leaking over the last month but the last week has seen some incredible additions. Whether you’re planning to dance the night away to Oakland garage pop greats Shannon and the Clams or you wanna stalk Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo all over town those are just some of the many things that could happen this year.

Calgary gets a punk invasion

Prior to Sled Island however this week sees an incredible amount of punk in two mere shows. On Thursday April 21 Spastic Panthers and Teenage Rampage are celebrating the release of their split 7-inch with a show at Broken City where they’ll be joined by Edmonton’s Slates and Lethbridge’s newest heroes Stressed Out. Then on Friday April 22 the Albert Park Skate Shack will face certain doom when Vancouver d-beat sensations Unlearn headline a show that also includes Point Break Kanker and Savage Streets. It’s like Calgary got its own miniature Chaos in Tejas. Adorable!

Record Store Day happened

Another joyous occasion already took place on Saturday April 16 when record stores across the world paid their rent for another month thanks to exclusive releases and excellent sales. While music fans should be hitting up their local shops on a weekly minimum the RSD exclusives had the fans out in droves. I scored Fucked Up’s bizarre David’s Town compilation from Sloth and some excellent bargains from Melodiya — not bad for someone too lazy to leave the house before 11 a.m.

Blink 182 cancel British tour to finish new album

No I know I get it you’re way too cool for Blink 182. But while you’re listening to whatever looping sample-based post-indie rock happens to be floating your boat this week there are some of us who haven’t quite ditched the gateway bands that first got us into punk power-pop and indie rock. So the fact that Blink 182 are so serious about their new album that they cancelled their upcoming U.K. tour is a big deal! If the album comes out they might just inspire this generation’s dumb pre-teens to dig a little deeper and get into the Descendents.


The speedy crossover from cult act to mainstream darling has possibly taken its toll on California pop weirdo Ariel Pink as the fashionable blog-buzzer had a near-breakdown onstage at Coachella fighting with the sound crew and refusing to perform certain songs. His uncomfortable diva antics were countered with Lil B’s typical outsider humility however. The rapper announced that his next album would be called I’m Gay. He defended his love of women before anyone could say “no homo” but still plans to use the album title in an effort to prove that “words don’t mean shit.”