Don’t make the same mistake twice

Rubber is the talk of the town. And it’s back at the Plaza

Just because. Sometimes you enjoy films just because.

The above statement will makes sense if you’ve seen Rubber the movie — about a freakish murderous tire — that’s ignited water-cooler rabble since it screened at the Calgary Underground Film Festival earlier this month. If you didn’t catch its one-off sold-out screening though you’re in luck: The Plaza is bringing it back for the rest of us beginning this Friday. If all of your chatty co-workers the blog-buzz and your own curiosity isn’t enough here are five reasons you should check out this soon-cult film.

1. The group of who-know-what’s commenting on the tire’s every move . While no one seems to know the tire’s motives — it’s on an unclear mission until it starts decimating everyone in its path — Rubber’s hardy pneu has its every move watched by an astounded mob of people who check in on his actions via binocular. No one knows who they are but their ongoing commentary and crass debating provides both hilarity and confusion to the chaos. By the way the tire’s name is Robert (pronounced “Ro-bear” as this is a French flick) and he’s stalking a beautiful and spunky women (see point No. 3).

2. A killer score (no pun intended — it actually was) . Rubber’s background music drenches Robert’s every move with undeniable cool. That’s to be expected though as the film is directed by Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr. Oizo who gets help from another French electro luminary Justice’s Gaspard Auge. Step aside Tron Legacy.

3. The pretty girl. She is the essence of the movie besides of course Robert the rubber tire serial killer. Beautiful sassy and sexy the tire seems to have a hard on — if that’s possible — for the woman as she treks through the California desert. She seems oblivious to the fact she is being stalked. That and the mob really seems to enjoy her shower scene which vaguely pays homage to Psycho . Or perhaps Rear Window . Either way it seems like Dupieux might be an Alfred Hitchock fan.

4. The point of view. The camera work here is visually spectacular. At point there are things seen from the mob’s vantage point. At others things are experience from the tire’s point of view — as if you were rolling along like the Michelin Man. Murders whether of people or animals are often put from less-than-obvious perspectives. It’s almost like witnessing something explode in a microwave — not that you needed to know what that looks like.

5. Random comedy. If this is all sounding absurd it’s because it is — most of the laughs come from things that don’t make sense. Perhaps that’s why it’s funny. But this hammers home the point: There’s no reason for this film. Things happen just because. And that’s good enough

for us — we’re all pomosexuals in these parts.

That’s the point though. Revel in Rubber for its delicious absurdity — and don’t miss your second chance to see it.