Five must-know items in music

I. Calgary Folk Fest lineup is great but is it worth it?

As usual the Calgary Folk Music Festival boasts a pretty excellent lineup including appearances from Bonnie “Prince” Billy Joel Plaskett Lightning Dust and many others. Like previous years these enticing out-of-town acts suggest great potential for the annual outdoor fest. The real question is however is any act really worth the mushroom cloud of patchouli oil and drum circles one must endure at these types of events? Can you really enjoy your favourite music when a tornado of dreadlocks and jester hats swarms the visibility of the stage?

II. Sensae and his punk

Sludgy Vancouver punk duo Nü Sensae has a special place in our hearts for myriad reasons one of which is the dazzlingly busy drumwork of skin-man Daniel Pitout. His talent was spotted from down the coast in Oakland Calif. where Shannon and the Clams recruited him as a touring drummer on their North American trip with Hunx and His Punx. Soon into the tour Daniel and Hunx have fallen for each other and their relationship is being well documented on the Hunx Twitter page. From candid boner talk to romantic TwitPics it’s fun to watch their relationship unfold in 140 characters or less.

III. Beastie Boys stream new album and movie

There’s no denying that aging New York rap trio the Beastie Boys are hip-hop icons but what does that really mean when it comes to new material? They recently called in favours from half of Hollywood in their Fight For Your Right Revisited short film but despite some of our favourite comedians it was an aimless and mostly unfunny effort. They did succeed in goofy charm when they broadcast their entire new album on a ghetto blaster at centre court of an empty Madison Square Gardens. The music is pretty bland but for the Beastie Boys; its still all about the gimmicks.

IV. “Weird” Al and Lady Gaga fight make up

“Weird” Al Yankovic fired up an Internet shitstorm when he accused Lady Gaga of disapproving his “Born This Way” parody entitled “Perform This Way.” Spinning a heartbreaking tale of rejection Al clearly got Gaga’s attention who said she never even heard the song blaming her manager for rejecting it without showing her. Here’s hoping she makes it up to him by inviting him onstage during her upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance. Better yet instead of Saturday Night Live just play reruns of The Weird Al Show.

V. Lil Wayne is coming

Whether it’s an angry grimace or a semi-ironic grin there is surely no reason to be unexcited by the upcoming rap takeover in the Saddledome on Friday. Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Rick Ross and a live collaboration between Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike. On an iPod it would be the perfect workout playlist for every douchebag ever but in a live setting it’s guaranteed to be a great time.