Pizza Pursuit – Nick’s Steakhouse & Pizza

Order: Euphoria ($24.79). A 12-inch pizza with garlic butter onions roasted red peppers mozzarella feta cheese and cooked tomatoes.

Crust: It had a nice crispy underside with a lot of air holes and it was chewy puffy and delicious. Nick’s proudly boasts that making their dough takes “21 steps from start to finish” and while that seems like a lot to me I’m not going to request any changes to the process as this crust was superb.

Sauce: The argument could be made that the garlic butter is technically the sauce here but regardless the lack of tomato sauce wasn’t an issue.

Toppings: The tomatoes onions and red peppers were fresh and the combination of melted feta and mozzarella worked well for this pie. The onions and tomatoes were cooked without turning into complete mush and added textural balance.

Dining options: Dine in takeout or delivery.

Decision: The use of garlic butter added flavour without creating a greasy pizza. While vegetarian options are usually not my first second or third choice when I read the description of the pizza I simply had to try it and I’m really glad I did. This pizza gets five out of six slices.

Next Up: Double Zero Pizza

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