Handsome Furs – Sound Kapital

Sub Pop

The common thread in most reviews of Handsome Furs’ latest is to mention how Sound Kapital is the first time the band doesn’t sound like a side project. Sure it’s natural that the project made up of Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry would be compared to Boeckner’s former project Wolf Parade but such a statement discredits the Furs’ already solid contributions on 2007’s Plague Park and 2009’s Face Control.

Instead it should be emphasized that Sound Kapital is in fact the best Handsome Furs record yet side project or not. Written entirely on synths and recorded with a noticeable lack of guitars (except for a few chords here and there) the album’s sonic uniformity leaves plenty of room to focus on the duo’s songwriting. Boeckner’s timeless anthemic delivery remains intact but the distinct electronics give Sound Kapital a party atmosphere matching the amped-up live show that the group has developed.

With Sound Kapital Handsome Furs has ultimately proven its versatility. Boeckner’s old project had drawn the sound to its logical conclusion while the duo here proves that it could easily take this group in any direction. If they stay on this path everyone will be talking about Boeckner’s side project Wolf Parade in the years to come.