Pizza Pursuit – Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry

Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry

2741 17 Ave. S.W.


Order: Wildcats Special ($20). A 10-inch medium pizza topped with double pepperoni jalapeno peppers and bacon.

Crust: A medium-thick crust with a well-cooked underside. The ends were nicely puffed creating ample handles for each fairly thick slice.

Sauce: It was very thick — almost paste-like — and quite sweet. It was also deliciously spiced and complemented the overall pizza.

Toppings: A generous base of pepperoni is loaded up with enough jalapenos to virtually ensure pieces in every bite. It’s then loaded with one of the better cheese-to-toppings ratios that I have seen yet. The cheese is herb-blended a quick and easy way to impart more flavour into their pies. Lastly “pizza bacon” tops things off. What’s pizza bacon? Well it’s what I call that par-cooked crumbly stuff that is quite often used by pizza chains. If I had my choice I would prefer big honking crispy slabs of bacon. All of that said I don’t hate pizza bacon — it’s not my favourite but it worked well on this dish.

Dining options: Takeout or delivery.

Decision: As a whole this was a darn good pizza. Using essentially three toppings a decent flavour profile was built mixing heat and meat for full impact. As I continue on this quest I’m discovering that having a good go-to local pizza place may be an ultimate deciding factor the next time I move. It’s important to have a reasonably priced friendly and convenient joint in your neighbourhood and for those who live near Jeanne’s they have this amenity covered. I’m awarding this pizza four out of six tasty slices.

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