burnt thicket theatre’s big announcement

Calgary-based burnt thicket theatre is planning a six-month 13-city North American tour of the play She Has a Name. The production about human trafficking made ripples in the arts community when it ran this year.

The tour is expected to hit eight Canadian cities and five U.S cities in 2012 but in the meantime burnt thicket theatre is launching a fundraising campaign to make it happen.

"We’re very excited to announce our first fundraising campaign to get the wheels of the tour in motion" playwright Andrew Kooman says. "I really believe in this story and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of audience members who were deeply moved."

The play sold out in Calgary and Red Deer and recieved critical acclaim. They are now seeking to raise $10000 through social networking but expects to raise the projected $400000 necessary through corporate sponsorship private donations gifts in kind and special events.