Weird Al Yankovic – Alpocalypse


It’s the album we’ve been waiting for from an artist who according to TV’s King of the Hill died friendless and alone years ago. Straight outta hell the very-much-alive Weird Al Yankovic thunders back onto the scene like an apocalyptic horseman bent on rocking out to his own peculiar brand of geek pride. If opening cut “Perform This Way” proves one thing it’s that thanks to Lady Gaga Al is no longer the Weirdest of the Weird. Fans of the original will be the most likely to get a kick out of Yankovic’s word replacement automat as his homage comes off as more of a tribute than a derisive distillation.

As always the squeeze-box maestro’s musical arrangements are respectably crisp but still you can’t help but feel that Al is just scraping the surface. Whether in making sweet sweet love to a manatee on the original cut “CNR” (Charles Nelson Reilly) or picking his nose on “TMZ” a parody of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me” each track is lovingly embellished with his usual frivolous yet decidedly PG carnage.

The old school Weird Al comes flashing back in living colour on his guffaw-inducing “Polka Face” medley which finds him taking the stuffing out of the likes of Britney Flo Rida Katy Perry Jamie Foxx Ke$ha and the Bieb amongst others all without pausing to catch his breath. Truthfully the dude can sing high enough to mimic everyone from the twang-pop princess to the smoothest baby-faced rapper. A few pedestrian offerings mingle with hilarious standouts such as “Craigslist” and “Another Tattoo” a poke at “Nothin’ on You” by B.o.B. and Bruno Mars. Equipped with a bonus DVD disc the real gem on Alpocalypse is the anthemic “Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me.” Ironically and perhaps tragically you won’t be able to wait for that song to end before sending it off to everyone in your address book.