Folk Fest Day Four Photos: Coeur de Pirate Raleigh Joseph Arthur and More

My monthly limit of photo uploads on Flickr is maxed out so a lot of the photos I would like to have included in this slideshow will have to wait until August before being posted.

Sunday was another fabulous day and one suited to round out the Calgary Folk Music Festival perfectly. Although I left halfway through due to a combination of exhaustion sunburn and other commitments there were plenty of acts that I managed to take in during the time I was there.

The day started off with Raleigh who are quickly becoming one of my favourite local acts. The harmonies created by Brock Geiger and Clea Anais are absolutely stunning and the gorgeous cello and always changing time signatures only add to the fun.

The same stage was filled by an interesting collaboration featuring Joseph Arthur Imaginary Cities C.R. Avery and the Head and the Heart (who apparently put on an incredible performance last night). The workshop was good although there wasn’t really a whole lot of collaboration done. However each artist was so dang amazing that it easily made up for it. Couer de Pirate also made a quick appearance which always seems to make people happy. It must be the lipstick.

Some serious groove was discovered at stage 5 courtesy of MINOTAURS Blind Pilot Dark Dark Dark and Jason Wilson. The crowd was dancing by the time I got there the party only continued from there. Heavy saxophone action set the tone for the rest of the workshop. In contrast to the previous workshop this collaboration combined perfectly.

After some much-needed beer was consumed I cruised between stage 4 and 5. Both Geoff Burner and a poetry workshop (featuring C.R. Avery Cutest Kitten Ever Cadence Weapon and Carl Hancock Rux) provided excellent shows. The former was definitely the more energetic though; Burner had the crowd waltzing on the grass while Rux read poetry out of his book. Nothing wrong with either.

Yet another workshop was happening after that with tons of strings on stage 2. I thought that there’d be a lot more working together between Raleigh the Swamp Ward Orchestra and the Portland Cello Project but maybe I just left before that happened. C.R. Avery was calling my name and he never puts on a disappointing show. I just can’t get enough of the beatboxing harmonica.

My day was wrapped up by the petite Couer de Pirate. Although I understand why people enjoy her music she isn’t exactly my jam. I shot a couple of photos (which was weirdly difficult as none of her band moved around at all) listened to another song and took off. Four days of running around Folk Fest had taken a lot out of me.

But what a party. This festival has really shown once again what Calgary is truly made of. It makes me proud to live in this city and more than a little excited to see what artists will be blessing us with their presences next year. Until then.