More dirt on the Mission ‘Pit’

The city is setting the record straight about the ongoing saga that is the Mission Pit.

To recap: The ‘Pit’ is the result of several cancelled stalled and delayed projects. For 10 years a gaping hole has marred an otherwise idealic 4th Street. In June the city announced that the developer Strategic Group had applied for a building permit suggesting the project was finally moving forward.

Then last week a spokesperson for Strategic said the building permit application already existed and the application was merely a formality to ensure the permit wouldn’t expire adding "There’s nothing going on there from a construction point of view right now" and that the city may be doing a little bit of spin doctoring.

But that was then. Now the city is firing back.

According to the city Strategic’s building permit for the site on 4th Street did not already exist. In fact the Strategic’s previous building permit had expired more than a year ago and had no option for extension or reinstatement.

The current building permit application which cost between $200000 and $250000 was submitted in June 2011 and is now under review.

"From the city’s perspective it absolutely represents intent" says the city spokesperson. "Otherwise why would you spend money on a permit."