High Five: Good Bye Winehouse

Plus Brenda Vaqueros looks west Feist announces new album

 I. Adios the Brenda Vaqueros

For upwards of 10 years the Brenda Vaqueros have torn it up across Calgary. Existing outside of Scion sponsorships or Vice documentaries its brand of garage rock was entirely its own. Sadly all things must come to an end as frontman Adam Kamis has revealed plans to move to Vancouver. With that in mind the band will perform its last show at the Palomino on Friday July 29. And even if you vehemently hate the band know that there will be free barbecue.

II. The Folk Fest happened

Well folks you can hang up your rasta hat with the fake dreadlocks hanging out the back because the folk fest is officially done. You can smell like patchouli if you want to but you won’t hear a didgeridoo or join a drum circle any time soon and the only people you see in brightly coloured patchwork pants on stilts won’t just look like clowns — they’ll be actual clowns.

III. Total Fest is happening

Speaking of festivals next month will see the 10th anniversary of Total Fest the forward-thinking punk and indie annual showcase that takes place in Missoula Montana. This year they’ve compiled a breathtaking lineup featuring some of the best DIY acts in North America including Milk Music The Men Gun Outfit White Lung White Shit Big Business Japanther Thrones and many others. With three-day passes running between $45 and $60 this is the ultimate no-brainer that will make the 600-kilometre drive worth every penny.

IV. Amy Winehouse dead at 27

There’s a lot to be sad about with Amy Winehouse’s death as the young talent died far before her time likely due to an unfortunate and highly publicized substance abuse problem. The most frustrating part of her passing however are the holier-than-thou celebs who have spent the last week tweeting about how this is what we get for encouraging stars with a life of excess. If the finger should be pointed anywhere it’s at those same celebrities who probably had real-life encounters with Winehouse at one time. All we could really do was illegally download her albums and burn them for our parents.

IV. Feist announces Metals album

Attention radio programmers yuppie moms and coffee shop playlist-makers: reigning queen of Cancon and one-time Calgarian Leslie Feist has announced a new album called Metals guaranteed to shatter the boundaries of just how sugary you thought adult-contempo indie pop could get. I smell Grammy/Juno/MMVA bait.